Clear, protect and empower your personal energy and the spaces you flow through.

Are you an empath?


Are you sensitive to energy?


Do you have experiences with energies in your home, office, or personal space?


Do you sometimes feel drained after being with certain people?


Do you have a sense that energies, entities or beings are present?


Are you more aware of energy phenomena as you expand on your spiritual journey?


Do you wish you knew more and had techniques to deal with energy phenomena like this?


Having the ability to protect your own energy and the spaces you flow through is one of the most essential tools we can have as conscious beings. We are all at the effect of lots of different kinds of energy dynamics all the time.


Welcome to your Energy Protection and Space Clearing Journey!

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Why Energy Protection?

I have been blessed to have worked with a shamanic mentor for many years and had many teachings from my own Divine team and guides for over almost 20 years that have helped me a great deal in regards to understanding energy protection, the shadow, empowerment and space clearing. 

Although I learned the hard way, I’m glad I did as I understood that shadow work is part of my Soul work on the planet. I keep getting guided to it, it's just a part of my world, my reality and really my almost everyday experience

I have put this course together because I feel these skills are essential for all awakening Souls but especially for way-showers, practitioners, light-workers, coaches and conscious entrepreneurs because you are working with clients and in sacred space all the time.

For me it’s been an absolute essential part of my client work and my navigation through life and the multi-dimensional space. I can’t wait to teach you the essential skills you need to protect your energy and space as you flow through your Soul journey.
In this course we deep-dive into some really interesting shadow talk, we discuss energy experiences that we have all probably had along the way in life but perhaps not understood or not felt equipped to adequately deal with. 
I’ll be sharing some of my weird, whacky and wonderful experiences with the shadow and energy phenomena in the hope of bringing some light and illumination to the subject as well as some very real, grounded and effective guidance, knowledge and of course, practical techniques you can use and have in your energetic tool kit for the rest of your life!
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This course is for you if:

  • You have an awareness and/or sensitivity to energy and want to deepen and expand
  • You are feeling called to explore your own energy and ‘external’ influences and triggers
  • Your energy is sometimes off, drained, compromised or maybe you have the feeling that something else is at play like a psychic attack or entities
  • You’re a Soul-led entrepreneur, practitioner or energy sensitive and want to explore how you can be self-empowered and self-responsible
  • You want to understand the energies we interrelate with and how to protect and empower yourself
  • You're curious about the spiritual world, the shadow, other realms and the multidimensional space.
  • You are a way-shower, practitioner, light-worker, coach or conscious entrepreneur working with clients and creating sacred space and you would love to learn how to empower, protect and contain those spaces.
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This is a 3 part Course (with instant access) designed to be journeyed over 21 days or at your own pace. As well as the core module discussion, each session has 2 practical components.

Leisha facilitates a healing to release fears & limitations to help you drop into the content and experience more easily. She will also teach practical skills in each module that are techniques you can easily learn and use in your everyday life.

What you get:

  • Access to the course portal for life
  • 3 x healing and transformation sessions
  • 3 x practical teaching sessions
  • 3 x module presentations
  • Support Resources
  • Video + Audio Replays
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About Leisha

My work is dedicated to all awakening Souls Co-creating the New Earth

I help people heal and empower themselves, reclaim their sovereignty, awaken to their highest Soul alignment and express their unique light as bringers of the New Earth.

My work is focussed on supporting way-showers, conscious creators, soul-led entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, change makers, coaches, healers and light workers that are sharing a sacred offering with the world.

I am a natural psychic, energy intuitive, channel, coach, energy healer and transformation guide.  I moved into working with people full time at the beginning of 2012 after several major nudges from the universe that I could no longer ignore. I had quit my job, left a career behind, moved states and started a whole new life chapter.  Since then I have been blessed to work with people all over the world and have created a dedicated community of people committed to their personal healing and awakening as well as the collective evolution of humanity.

"My intention is to inspire and empower those that are awakening by leading them into connection with their true Soul expression"

My desire is to assist awakening Souls and conscious creators through private mentoring, group transformation work, online courses and programs.

I share information, wisdom and perspectives based on my experience, intuition, discernment and desire for truth and empowerment for all.

I aim to assist the calling forward and the actualisation in the world of sacred, soul-aligned offerings, creations and experiences that contribute to ethical, empowered and harmonious manifestations in our world.

I have a BA Social Science (Psychology), several qualifications in Hypnotherapy (Traditional, Past Life, Between lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), have studied holistic counselling, body work, vibrational medicine, energetic healing, psychic development and have participated in a long term private mentoring in shamanism.

I have also learned a great deal by direct communication with my Divine team and Higher Self over many years.

I am honoured to be a guide for people's healing and empowerment journey and for the awakening of humanity.

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