Unlock the energetics of your Soul-led business and

Transform limitations into power-house accelerators

Are you:

An Entrepreneur? 

On a healing and spiritual journey? 

Wanting to share your work offerings from a place of Soul alignment?

Wanting to love your business and feel fulfilled?

Aware that energy dynamics, unhealed emotions, Soul lessons, shadow energies and projections constantly affect the reality of your business?

Feel areas of stagnation, stuck-ness, contraction and blocks in your business?

Ready to flow and expand into next-level, alignment, success, joy and New Earth contribution?  

Right now, your business is a direct reflection of your:

Vision, intention, action and flow

Soul lessons, points of expansion, growth and learning

Unhealed emotional wounds

Self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, limiting programming, fear and projections

Shadow energies from the self, others or the past

Your creative energy in motion

Calling, Soul expression and contribution to the planet

How do you identify what is blocked and limited and shift into power and expansion?

That is why I created the Business Map experience.


Private 1:1 Business Mapping with Leisha

(5hr process plus in-between support)

1. Leisha works on your individual map before your session.

2. You then meet on an initial 90m call to dive deep into your map and flow through all the pillars in detail.

3. You meet for a 60m follow-up to move through the next emerging priorities and support integration and implementation.

4. You meet again for a 60m follow-up to move through the next emerging priorities and support integration and implementation.


About Leisha

My work is dedicated to conscious creators and Soul-led entrepreneurs birthing the New Earth.

I help Soul-led entrepreneurs empower themselves, reclaim their alignment and commitment to their creative offerings in the world and awaken to their highest Soul expression through their business.

My work is focussed on supporting way-showers, conscious creators, soul-led entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, change makers, coaches, healers and light workers that are sharing a sacred offering with the world.

I am a natural psychic, energy intuitive, channel, coach and transformation guide.

I moved into working with people full time at the beginning of 2012 after several major nudges from the universe that I could no longer ignore. In recent years it has become extremely obvious that I am here to serve and support conscious creators and entrepreneurs. 

I have discovered over the last 10 years that I have a particular gift with seeing clearly into what I call a ‘business matrix’. These ‘bubbles of consciousness’ surrounding a person and their business reality started showing up for me in my psychic vision with clients over 10 years ago. Not only could I see all the alignments, misalignments, wounds, projections, blocks, learning paths, power-points etc I could see why these things had formed, what healing was needed, what transformation was needed and how to support the person and the business into true alignment and higher potential. I naturally started attracting Soul-led entrepreneurs as my main Soul client group.

“My intention is to illuminate what needs to be seen, healed and transformed, as well as what needs to be strengthened, celebrated and empowered so your business can thrive"


Meet the Power-House Accelerators of the


“Wow, wow, wow, what an incredible experience, the most phenomenal thing I have ever done personally and for my business...incredible"


Jess Bastie 

Director of Cherry Soda Creative. Gold Coast. Australia.



“It blew my mind, the most beneficial thing I could have possibly done for my business..."


Teneille Lake

Founder of The Dog Market. Gold Coast. Australia.


“It was the most thorough assessment of my business...Leisha has laser clarity...she is one in a million, high-level and masterful."


Shelley Riutta

Founder of Holistic Business School. Illinois. USA.


“Her passion and dedication...was incredibly impactful and helpful..."


Emma Keyte

Founder of Wilde Assembly . Gold Coast. Australia.



The signature 10 pillar map highlights, reveals and guides you through every aspect of your business.


The process of journeying through your business from this energetic view-point allows such an incredible depth and unfoldment. People have said, their entire approach, experience of and feeling around their business drastically changed after moving through this process.


This business map experience will:

  • Reveal how in alignment you are ( or not) in regards to your current business structure, focus, flow and why that is the case.

  • Illuminate what the priorities are in your business pillars, so you can focus on the most important areas of change and transformation

  • Help you see where you are projecting your unhealed emotions, beliefs, patterns, fears and self sabotage into your business reality and the effects of that

  • Support you to connect with the underlying causes of those limitations within yourself in order to move into healing

  • Transform and integrate those limitations so you can move into more personal power

  • Identify where the business is stuck, contracted, off-balance and not moving forward

  • See, feel and sense for yourself your own ‘business matrix’ and learn to start to feel the energy of this ongoing

  • Move through a powerful guided transformation process to heal, release, transform and embody what you need

  • Receive detailed insights, reflections, guidance and advice on any area of your business based on your Soul alignment.

  • Support to integrate that guidance so you can also take action in a very real, physical-world way

  • Provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback about, literally, any area of your business

  • Invigorate you to step back into your business with excitement, inspiration and creative flow

  • Give you a ‘map’ to come away with that highlights the areas of focus and priority to help you move out of overwhelm and into focussed action


Private 1:1 Business Mapping with Leisha

1. Leisha works on your individual map before your session.

2. You then meet on an initial 90m call to dive deep into your map and flow through all the pillars in detail.

3. You meet for two 60m follow-up sessions to move through the next emerging priorities and support integration and implementation.

4. You are able to contact Leisha between sessions for support and reflection

This process is big, powerful, comprehensive and life-changing!


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