My work is dedicated to all awakening Souls

Co-creating the New Earth

I help people heal and empower themselves, reclaim
their sovereignty, awaken to their highest Soul alignment
and express their unique light as bringers of the New Earth.

My work is focussed on supporting conscious creators, soul-led entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, change makers, coaches, healers and light workers that are sharing a sacred offering with the world.
I am a natural psychic, energy intuitive, channel, coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and transformation guide.  I moved into working with people full time at the beginning of 2012 after several major nudges from the universe that I could no longer ignore. I had quit my job, left a career behind, moved states and started a whole new life chapter.  Since then I have been blessed to work with people all over the world and have created a dedicated community of people committed to their personal healing and awakening as well as the collective evolution of humanity.


My intention is to inspire and empower those that are awakening by leading them into connection with their true Soul expression, their true power and their most aligned, abundant and fulfilling creative path in the world.

“I have only connected with Leisha twice and already she has helped end 4  years of overwhelming feelings of stress, depression and confusion, which I may add numerous doctors have only tried to bandage with medication. I continue to move through a dynamic shift of self-awareness, clarity and self-confidence due to the nature of her powerful and profound healing abilities and techniques.
Since speaking with Leisha I have found a part time job, something which I have not been able to bring into my life for the last few years. There are no coincidences in life and I assure you that you will be in very experienced, loving and insightful hands if you choose to connect with Leisha. Leisha will change your life and reality.”



Student. Brisbane

My Story

My desire is to assist awakening Souls and conscious creators through private sessions, mentoring programs, group
transformation work, online courses and support resources in order to uplift and expand.

I share information, wisdom and perspectives based on my experience, intuition, discernment and desire for truth and empowerment for all.
I aim to assist the calling forward and the actualisation in the world of sacred, soul-aligned offerings, creations and experiences that contribute to ethical, empowered and harmonious manifestations in our world.

I have a BA Social Science (Psychology), several qualifications in Hypnotherapy (Traditional, Past Life, Between lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), have studied holistic counselling, body work, vibrational medicine, energetic healing, psychic development and have participated in a long term (several years) private 1-1 mentoring in shamanism.

I have also learned a great deal by direct communication with my Divine team and Higher Self.

“Leisha Jarrett is the most accurate psychic healer I know. Her ability to tune in and receive accurate information about the cause of an issue is beyond what I've seen before. I consider her to be in the top % of the world's best healers and would recommend her to anyone who needs to delve more deeply into the cause of an issue.”

Tamika Hilder

Entrepreneur. Byron Bay Australia.

I was always an intuitive child, seeing and connecting with non-physical phenomena from a very young age. But it was my radical and sudden psychic opening in my late 20's that catapulted me into a dramatic entrance into the non-physical realities.

It was the beginning of a deep journey of increasing self-awareness.This radical experience helped me explore and integrate my personal shadow, accept difficult experiences of my past, heal more of my own emotional wounds, uncover personal limitations and seek to know more about where I come from and why I am here on Earth at this particular time. As my Soul memories started to come to the surface, I learned a great deal about my timeline, my Soul, my Soul family, the human condition, what we experience, our challenges and our journey home to wholeness.

Once I started working with people I understood that my awakening had meant I was able to identify the emotion, wound, belief, block, energy or issue that existed within them causing them pain, challenge and difficulty in their life. I was able to connect to the Soul of people to understand how their life path was unfolding, seeing their timeline, their lessons, their challenging growth points and their power and potential. As the years went on and my work deepened I understood that I was able to hold a certain space and frequency and reflect back to people in a particular way that triggered deep, radical healing and accelerated growth and transformation.

As my experiences expanded I felt a deep Soul calling to support others on the journey of awakening and realised it was my Soul purpose to guide people to their own empowered and unique creative actualisation. I wanted to help them embody their true Soul nature, find their alignment and share their unique creativity as part of creating the New Earth.


This is now my wholehearted devotion and I am honoured to be a guide for people's creative journey and for the awakening of humanity.

Leisha has a way of brining you back to balance, even when you feel that all around you is not as you expected, nor in some cases desired. She can see and feel exactly what is going on and it keeps you grounded and on track. Working through her program gave me a tremendous opportunity to regroup and look at what I really wanted, where my true values lie and how many things on the outside were holding me back. Her work is not for the faint hearted and there is no point having a pre conceived idea of what you want to achieve as your Soul may well have a different purpose but it will be awesome just the same..!!

Emma Driscoll

Business Owner. Perth Australia

My Team


Graphic Design and IT Support


Community Manager and Social Media
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