Personal Transformation Session

Single 60min


Package of 3, 60min


Package of 12, 60min


  • As a psychic intuitive, I work with you to identify the energies at cause contributing to creating imbalances, challenges, learning paths and issues in your life.
  • This may also include exploration of what is happening with your family, children, loved ones and any business or creative ventures where relevant.
  • We also focus on your soul journey, your ascension, activations and supports you might need.
  • These sessions are not traditional psychic readings. They are deep comprehensive healing and transformation sessions.



In session I scan your energy field and look at all the paradigms and constructs of your life including looking at active mind constructs (limited thought patterns and limited belief structures), emotional discords (held trauma, repressed emotion, cellular memory, charge and triggers) and spiritual energies (past life charge, ancestral charge, timeline imprints, contracts and agreements, inter-dimensional energies, cords, attachments, programs, invasion, spiritual lessons, soul aspects and more).


We also explore what I call ‘matrix fields’ which are the consciousness bubbles that hold each paradigm of your life including work, career, business, money, relationships, parenting, love, health, passions and so on. I am able to scan these matrix fields to look at imbalances playing out, imprints, programming, wounds, strengths and weaknesses, lessons etc. so we can explore how your life paradigms are unfolding and where we need to bring awareness, healing, empowerment or expansion.


We discuss and explore what is relevant to understand about your life journey, evolutionary path, lessons, soul expansion and so on within any relevant paradigm. We might connect with your Divine team, Soul family, Soul lineage, Soul memories, incarnation cycles, inter-galactic connections, multi-dimensional connections and more as we deepen understanding of you as Soul. This can helps us understand what is unfolding in your life here and now.


Sessions may also include where needed, DNA activations, light body upgrades, channeling and activations that come through as relevant for you, support from Divine team, ancestors, Soul family etc. This supports the collapse of old paradigm energies and constructs no longer serving you and allows rapid shifts and guidance to emerge around your highest purpose path and Soul expression as an evolving being at this time on your journey. IT supports you into greater alignment to your Soul and what is your highest expression at this time.


All sessions unfold with discussion, exploration, healing and guided process. This process happens naturally and organically as it supports you to relax into a slightly altered state where its easier for you to access your real emotions, contraction points, healing ability and expansion. We  release what you no longer need, what is limited or negative, stuck or contracted. We transmute or re-balance what you do need and download and activate higher energies from within your own being to help you heal, expand and accelerate your life.


“Leisha Jarrett is the most accurate psychic healer I know. Her ability to tune in and receive accurate information about the cause of an issue is beyond what I've seen before. I consider her to be in the top % of the world's best healers and would recommend her to anyone who needs to delve more deeply into the cause of an issue.”

Tamika Hilder

Entrepreneur. Byron Bay Australia.

Leisha has a way of brining you back to balance, even when you feel that all around you is not as you expected, nor in some cases desired. She can see and feel exactly what is going on and it keeps you grounded and on track. Working through her program gave me a tremendous opportunity to regroup and look at what I really wanted, where my true values lie and how many things on the outside were holding me back. Her work is not for the faint hearted and there is no point having a pre conceived idea of what you want to achieve as your Soul may well have a different purpose but it will be awesome just the same..!!

Emma Driscoll

Business Owner. Perth Australia

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