Energy Update: December 2021

energy update Dec 17, 2021

We have all had a really big 2021! Lots of challenges on so many levels but also lots of expansion and opportunities for healing, growth and alignment. There has been some repeat themes this year that kept coming up in waves to gently or not so gently usher us toward our sovereignty, empowerment, heart and true Soul essence.

We had to bravely let go, trust, grieve, face fears, feel intense triggers and process huge activations around global events, tyranny, loss of freedom, deception and segregation across the world. An extremely difficult task to have to manage the 3d playing out, our emotional and spiritual process around that and holding our connection to our Higher Self and highest perception.

We have been tested on every level. We are still purging what needs to be exposed, transmuted and recalibrated as we move toward creating the new Earth. We are leaving a timeline activation window that started on 21 October and ends 21 December.

This is an accelerated window of time that is swiftly activating us toward our highest timeline expression while supporting us to courageously let go of what is no longer serving us.

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