Energy Update April 2022

Apr 04, 2022
Well March has been an interesting experience so far! It's definitely tested some of us who have been through intense flooding, destruction, displacement and trauma. My heart and my prayers go out to everyone affected by environmental impact anywhere in the world, especially to the Nortern Rivers in Australia who have been hit really hard. I lived there for 8 years so I still feel such a deep heart connection to the area, the land and the community.
It's hard enough being faced with really intense crisis situations but it can be even more difficult to process those experiences while knowing there are complex agendas going on behind the scenes contributing.

Expressions of anger
Collectively there has been an uprising of anger. Anger purifies the heart when it is allowed to be felt and reveal a deeper emotional pain underneath. Under the anger is a collective hurt that is being processed through the collective human heart at the moment about everything that is going on, has gone on and may still go on as we purge shadow on the planet, reveal hidden truths, uncover the power plays and deal with our everyday lives while living through an incredible and difficult ascension awakening. 

Shifting focus
There are periods of review, assessment, reflection and the possibility for a shift in focus at the moment as we collectively process intense emotion and consider our lives, path and purpose. For some, this might mean feeling into a literal and dramatic change of direction or it could just mean a period of reflection is needed in order to get in touch with a deeper sense of inner meaning right now.

New directions based on a revelation of true inner needs, wants and desires
As this period of emotional purge, review and reflection deepen, it may also reveal desires and wants that have not been fully available before, or not in the way they are coming forward now. There may be clarity in this for some with specific awareness emerging and for others, it might just be a sense of staying open to guidance as new pathways form more slowly, but creating space for them to emerge more fully.
Stepping up and finding inner strength
Part of it at the moment is being able to more easily, despite the emotional purging, connect with our inner strength, capabilities, resilience and inner trust. Connecting to parts of you, you may not have for a long time, or becoming aware that parts of you are more embodied now and available.
4D paradigms of support and abundance transfiguring into 5D paradigms of support and abundance.
Part of this process is stepping out of limited realities of what trust, support and abundance is/was in the old paradigm and expanding into a much more 5D reality. Seeing the limitations that might have held you back here in the past dropping away and revealing something quite different.

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