Energy Update: January 2022

energy update soul frequency Jan 15, 2022

Welcome to the frequency of 2022! I hope you have had a smooth transition into such a different vibration! Although I know it was a tough transition for some. We have moved into a very different energy this year.

I have not felt such a huge shift in frequency since 2015 when I started to see many people's choice points for ascension coming through session work. Our shift into the New Year frequency is massively supported by our individual choice points.

Choice points are our deep inner Soul decisions, in this case, decisions we have already made within ourselves to move beyond the 'old Earth', 4D, lower-level experience and 'ascend' into 5D and the higher levels of unity consciousness as we evolve as a planet and human family.The last two years were really intense preparation years.

We all did huge amounts of emotional healing fear purging, shadow transmutation, Soul path activation and received upgrades and Soul transmissions that helped us activate our unique Soul codes for our life here at this time. This will be so helpful this year to move us into clarity, action, momentum, outward expression and physical manifestation in alignment with our Soul. This will come as a massive relief to those of us that really felt the lack of clarity, the slow processing, the density, the confusion about purpose and path and the overwhelming emotional processing over the last couple of years.On the global stage, the 'narrative' is crumbling.

This year will be a HUGE year for higher levels of disclosure as the truth about what has been going on starts to emerge more and more. Disclosure will initially focus on the pharmaceutical industry and the massive deception, fraud, manipulation and profit-making agenda (among other things) this global cabal has used as a hold over the world.

From there, other kinds of really important disclosure will start to move into public awareness. It's a year of revelation, truth emerging, chaotic reorganisation, grief and anger, relief and surrender and innovation and courage helping us move through it all.We are also in a powerful 6-month cycle between January and June that my guidance calls THE ARRIVAL OF LIGHT, which actually started in March 2021. This is about walk-ins, benevolent Souls coming into the Earth and many other kinds of light embodying down into the physical plane to assist us. When huge amounts of light enter a realm where density and shadow is still transmuting so much, it causes catalysts. So we will definitely see that during this cycle. Lots of 'awakening' but also lots of 'fall-out'.

So be prepared for lots of incredible things to happen this year on the global stage but also a rocky, chaotic looking unfolding. What is sure is that the light is here, coming in, embodied and in charge. Anything or anyone that is still choosing to hold onto dark agenda, deception, power-mongering, fear programming and self-serving shadow play will get a very strong reflection this year and shadow options will be removed for them.Huge amounts of Divine intervention are assisting us on every single level. Stay in your heart, your power, your truth and your courage as all of this plays out.Have a think about what you want this year. What can the supportive energies that are available help you with. What is your vision, what do you want to create, what do you feel moved toward, what do you want to explore? And if you don't know, how can you be more present with yourself and your Soul essence to start to feel this move through you?Try my new FREE meditation SOUL FREQUENCY. It's a gentle 12m meditation to take you out of the head and into your Soul frequency to feel and connect to your uniqueness, light, Soul codes and Soul path.

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Collective light codes are coming in this year, especially January to March to help us embody more self-deservedness, New Earth abundance perspectives, self-worth, readiness to create, inspiration and creative drive.I wish you every blessing to receive and embrace your creative Soul frequency as it moves through your being and out into the world.

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